FMIC 1st Sportsfest

FMIC 1st Sportsfest

Unified as one, employees of FMIC gathered for the opening ceremony of its first Sportsfest at the FMIC Bulacan Plant Activity Area last October 14, 2022.

With the theme, “One Goal, One Team, One FMIC”, the sports event commenced with a parade of five competing teams and guest team from JBTec, a subsidiary company of FMIC. The opening ceremony was led by FMIC president James D. Bernardo, and the Board of Directors.

The five competing teams are Administrative I Gray Wolves (Sales, HR, Accounting), Administrative II Green Crocs (Procurement, Logistics, Warehouse, Tools and Equipment), Production I Yellow Lions, Production II Blue Eagle, and Engineering Red Horses. 

All team muses showcased their dancing talent for the Best Muse Competition where the Administrative II Green Crocs Muse Jonalyn Platon was hailed the champion. Competing teams played for 5 events; Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess, and Board Games. The competition lasted until December where Production II Blue Eagles Snatched the overall champion, followed by Administrative I Gray Wolves as second overall, and Administrative II Green Crocs as Third overall.

The FMIC Sportsfest aimed to engage the employees into activities where they could utilize their inner skills on sports, and to develop sportsmanship and camaraderie.

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